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Newborn photographer Gosia Grant Photography
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Newborn Photography

As a newborn photographer I love photographing those first magical days in baby’s life. It lasts only a short while and it’s gone before you know it! It would be a shame not to capture those tiny little fingers, toes and wrinkled skin in beautiful photographs that you could cherish forever.

The sessions usually take place within first 10 days of you baby’s life. It’s when the little one sleeps well and it’s easier to mould them into those beautiful curled up poses. After two weeks babies are becoming more alert and very curious of their surroundings therefore it is more difficult to settle them into a deep sleep. A lot depends on the day!

It’s never too early to book, so please do get in touch with me when you are still pregnant.

The sessions are taken usually in my home studio in Haywards Heath, but on request can be done in the comforts of your own home.
I set aside 2-4h, just so we are not rushed and we have time for feeding breaks and mummy cuddles.


Babies, toddlers and little people

Newborns don't stay small forever(!) and there are plenty of opportunities to capture these little people growing up.  Key ones are birthday’s and other celebratory events.  Others might include those first wobbly steps or a little outdoor adventure!  One of my favourites is the cake smash.  It get messy and it’s huge amounts of fun as the babies / toddlers smash, smear and spread the cake and icing!

The photos below are a small selection of some of the little people that I have had the pleasure of meeting!