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Engagement Portfolio

So you are engaged… Congratulations! 

Have you thought about commemorating this amazing time in your life with beautiful photographs of just the two of you? 

Engagement sessions are a lot of fun and double as a test run before the wedding. We have an ample of time for shooting, giggling, discussing your day in more detail and more importantly getting to know each other a bit more. You also get the feel of how I work that will hopefully make you at ease on the BIG DAY. 

If you are not engaged yet, but would love to have some professional pictures of you both together, I am game too! 

Time and location of the session is entirely up to you. All depends on the feel you would like your session to be in. Be it windy sea side, sun rise at Southbank, hustle and bustle of Borough Market, industrial Isle of Docks or peaceful countryside…I am open to suggestions.  I would love to hear about your ideas and let’s create some awesomeness together!

I must warn you- I am crazy, so brace yoursleves!