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Rain on your wedding day sounds scary at the very least. Let's face it, you can meticulously plan your Big Day, but one thing you can't control is the weather.  Rainy weddings have an unnecessary stigma attached to them. Nevertheless, in some cultures, rain on the Big Day resembles good luck and symbolises fertility and cleansing.

I probably won't give the game away if I say that England and rain are inseparable! Rainy weather it's something that England is famous for, isn't it? When does it stop raining in England anyway? :) There is almost no point setting your weather expectations on the perfect sunny wedding day as it might not happen. If you don't embrace what you are given on the day with open arms, your day might be ruined. However with some preparation and good spirits your rainy wedding can be absolutely amazing. And dramatic. And fabulous. 

To make your wedding day perfect whatever the weather, always have a plan B. Think about logistics and come up with alternatives in case it rains. Is there any indoor space for your formal family portraits? Do you have any room for your guests to hide during drinks reception? Is your photographer experienced with rainy weddings? Some weather conditions are more challenging than others, but if you chose me, I can reassure you I will do my very best to create something special for you. The question is are you ready for this madness??? :) A spare pair of wellies or flip flops and some umbrellas are definitely a good start.  And as my daughter says: don’t say no, have a go...

Let rain make your marriage blossom! 


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Rainy Weddings by Gosia Grant Photography. Gosia is a Sussex wedding photographer available for weddings in Sussex, across the UK and for destination weddings worldwide. Creative wedding photography capturing real moments fully, completely and beautifully. Check Gosia's availability for your wedding.