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Some call them tipi some call them teepee weddings...  No matter the spelling, they are totally awesome and wicked! I love the indoor - outdoor feel of  them and the upbeat festival vibe. No pomp, no rigid rules, just fun! Tipi weddings tend to be relaxed, crazy and very intimate. They give you enormous possibilities to make your Big Day as personal as you like. From styling, decor, running order finishing on the location, you can tailor just about everything to your taste and needs. 

Let's not forget how photogenic those pointy tents are! They certainly provide an amazing boho backdrop to the wedding and create so many picture opportunities to capture during the day and night. I absolutely love the fairy lights going around wooden posts that give this warm intimate glow as friends and family gather together! 

I have attended a few tipi weddings and each and every one of them was totally amazing and oozing with fabulous fun filled atmosphere. They tend to attract easygoing people who like to party! And this is what matters the most! Because weddings are about fun, good company and love! Someone once said: “A wedding should leave your heart full, your feet tired … and the champagne bottles should all be empty”!!! Bring on tipi weddings!


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