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Stunning white sand beach.

Total seclusion and privacy. 

50 shades of blue and turquoise water.

Tranquility, but not boredom. 

All inclusive, but  not gluttony as you know it. 

Spanish octopus on a purple potato puree… my favourite- the only regret I have is I didn’t get a pic of it. 

Quality family time at its best. I only hope the kids remember more of it other than the ice cream bar and night shark hunting!

Definitely once in a lifetime, must go, must see and experience…

Was meant to be… writing it as we visit yet again! 

Maldives- pearl in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Stunning and so hard to beat…

Part 2 will be coming soon!

Maldives 1 Maldives 3 Maldives 4 Maldives 5 Maldives 6 Maldives 7 Maldives 8 Maldives 9 Maldives 10 Maldives 11Maldives 14Maldives 13 Maldives 15 Maldives 16 Maldives 17 Maldives 19 Maldives 21 Maldives 22 Maldives 23 Maldives 24 Maldives 25 Maldives 26 Maldives 27 Maldives 28 Maldives 29 Maldives 30 Maldives 31 Maldives 32 Maldives 33 Maldives 34 Maldives 35 Maldives 36 Maldives 37 Maldives 38 Maldives 40 Maldives 41 Maldives 42 Maldives 43 Maldives 44 Maldives 45 Maldives 46 Maldives 47 Maldives 48 Maldives 49Maldives 50Maldives 51Maldives 52Maldives 53Maldives 55Maldives 56Maldives 57Maldives 58Maldives 59Maldives 60Maldives 61Maldives 62Maldives 00349Maldives 63Maldives 00333Maldives 64Maldives 65Maldives 00325Maldives 00322Maldives 00281Maldives 00271Maldives 00264Maldives 00258Maldives 66Maldives 00299Maldives 67Maldives 68Maldives 69Maldives 00241Maldives 70Maldives 71Maldives 72Maldives 73Maldives 74Maldives 76Maldives 77Maldives 78Maldives 79Maldives 80Maldives 81Maldives 82Maldives 83Maldives 85Maldives 87Maldives 86Maldives 88Maldives 90

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